Monday, November 21, 2016

More support key shoes for the treatment of foot pain.

More support key shoes for the treatment of foot pain.
More than 3,000 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) traders, runners and employees were a bit lighter today, each receiving a new pair of Timberland (TM) Smart Comfort (TM) shoes Long celebration of the 30th anniversary of Timberland Company. Timberland President and CEO Jeffrey Swartz began the day trading by ringing the opening bell in front of the newly-equipped crowd.
"Timberland is proud to celebrate 30 years of doing well and doing good," said Swartz. "We believe that companies have the power - and responsibility - not only to produce great products, but also to bring about positive and lasting changes in the world. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to provide value to our customers and to build and strengthen communities. "new timberland boots,
Timberland also released the results of its "Timberland Smart Comfort (TM) survey," which found that orthopedic surgeons recommend better adjusted, more supportive footwear to more than seven out of 10 patients to help relieve most foot pain . With these results in mind, Timberland has equipped traders with shoes with its patented Smart Comfort (TM) system, which is designed to provide comfort and support by zoned, multidensity footbeds, and tops and soles that expand and Contract with the natural foot Motions.
"Proper footwear is essential to foot and ankle health, as well as an easy solution for significant reduction in foot pain," said Dr. Gary Degen, Foot and Ankle Specialist and Member of The Association of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. "When my patients ask how to choose shoes, I urge them to make sure that the sole of the shoe is shaped to the shape of the foot, and offers substantial support under the feet and absorption of shocks
In addition to bringing their new footwear to the ground today, hundreds of traders also visited the Timberland Smart Comfort (TM) Zone to discuss foot problems with Dr. timberland boat shoes for men,Degen, check out the new styles of shoes, and enjoy the Back massages and other comforts.
After the bell, nearly 200 Timberland employees and business partners will spend the rest of the day restoring the historic Ellis Island, an effort that will prepare the scene for the 6th annual Timberland Global Serv-a-palooza Which will be held in October 2. Serv-a-palooza brings together Timberland employees, business partners, community leaders and consumers in 21 countries around the world to volunteer to serve their local communities.timberland teddy fleece wheat,
About the Timberland Smart Comfort (TM) survey
The Timberland Smart Comfort (TM) survey interviewed 100 orthopedic surgeons across the country to assess their professional opinions on foot and ankle pain and other joint and back problems that may result from wearing improperly fitting shoes or Shoes without proper support. Among the results,red timberland boots, respondents reported that inadequate damping or shock absorption, lack of arch support and poor footwear are the main sources of foot pain. The surgeons cited construction workers and retail clerks as the occupations where foot problems were most prevalent. Surprisingly, flight attendants and dancers were among the occupations where foot problems were least reported. The investigation was conducted by BKF, Inc. between August 14 and August 26, 2003.
Timberland Smart Comfort (TM)
Timberland's Smart Comfort (TM) system is designed to meet the specific needs of different areas of the foot. Heels and soles that expand and contract during propulsion allow the shoe to move with the foot as it changes shape at each step. A zoned pressure system, including a removable, three-density profiled frame,timberland boots custom, ensures even pressure distribution while providing the right level of comfort and support to the various foot areas. It has a firm heel zone for shock dispersion, a moderately firm arcing area for a good arc support, a softer zone, dampened under the ball of the foot, and a moderately firm zone in the area of ​​the foot for

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